Booking, Clearance, and Forwarding

Dalarö Agency was established in 2010 with the primary business purpose of being the general agent for Dalaro Shipping Ltd. of Cyprus. We act as representatives in Sweden and assist in booking and handling of cargo. Dalarö Agency currently employ three people in two offices. 

In order to grow our business and expand our services to others than just Dalaro Shipping, we decided during 2011 to establish a clearance and forwarding division. The formation of Dalarö Agency & Logistics in the port of Orrskär has focused on our customers’ costs structure, and been able to reduce costs by offering competitive rates, to a better and more diversified service. The ambition is to continue to focus on the costs and improve the service level, to become a competitive, reliable, service-oriented partner in forwarding and clearance.

Dalarö Agency is a well-functioned, wholly integrated entity, agent, clearance and forwarding company, supporting the leaders in Scandinavian timber transportation, and our ultimate mission is that when you hear of seaborne transportation of timber from Scandinavia, you should think of the Dalaro Shipping Group.

Dalarö Agency is a member of the Swedish Shipbrokers Association, and is quality certified by FONASBA (Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents).